A total Solar Solution

SunWatt Energy was created with the intention of balancing Sales and Installations by being transparent, fair and professional.

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What we offer for our Dealer Program

Sunwatt Energy focuses on quality of service and attention, this benefits our Dealers. Transparency is key in running our operation and is key on how we make business with our customers.

Fast Pay

Fast Pay

  • Paid in two Miles Stones
  • Site Survey
  • Installation

Let us worry about inspections and Utilities Paid at Installation 100%

Best in class financing options

  • Sunlight F
  • GoodLeap
  • Sungage Financial
  • Mosaic
  • Concert Finance

Project Management tool

Track project progress

Track Commissions

View install pics and site survey images

View permits and passed inspections

High Quality Materials

Hanwha Qcells

LG Panels


Battery Storage

Great Warranties

10 Years Workmanship

5 Year Leak Warranty

12.5 Year Inverter

25 Year Production



Founded by Solar Reps for Solar sales Reps

We understand the need for faster installs and faster installer response times, we understand sales reps need to get paid. The process is design to get paid fast. SunWatt Energy LLC focuses on the speed of quality. Do things right the first time, fast and simple. We provide best in Class services and the right price point. Why pay for services you did not request.

We provide Homeowners with monitoring tools and guides to help them keep track of there investment and guide them to make the right decision. We have also built and partner with the best manufacturers in the Solar industry to offer exceptional quality to our customers. SunWatt Energy LLC works with the industries best distributors and manufactures to ensure our homeowners get what they pay for.

Customer Testimonial

SunWatt Engery has been a pleasure to work with. They are good communicators, fast and reliable installers. Great company & professional staff. We have no issues with their work and highly recommended them.

- MG Global

Honesty, dedication and transparency are the words that describe the company and there employees, working with SunWatt Energy LLC is an honor!

- OG Home Solutions

We have been with them since day one because they are very reliable, fast, clean and professional and what we like the most is that they are very transparent we are the same way with our customers.

- Zehra Solutions


Our Services

It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic.

Peak Performance Service

For customer who were forgotten by their company, we service solar installations

Clean Solar Panels, check performance, check electrical, check monitoring, if we find ways to optimize will do it

Electrical Contractor

We can help any homeowner with there electrical needs from service panels, to running wire


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